If you want to get into shape but can’t yet do a push-up, where do you start?  Drew’s an athlete who has been there and is dedicated to helping everyone achieve their fitness goals, starting from day one.

Drew’s story starts back in high school, when he had a rough relationship with his mother and ran away from home.  While he was away, he walked onto a basketball court, started playing, and loved the feeling of people on the sidelines cheering for him. From there, he knew that he wanted to go into sports, but Drew is from Lake City, a small town in Florida that doesn’t get much attention from college scouts.  Even so, at the end of high school he learned about scholarships and started applying to colleges.  He never really knew how things were going to work out financially, but figured that if he could get athletic scholarships then he’d be able to make it.  This is exactly what happened and Drew got a scholarship for basketball, but once he got to school he started partying and losing focus of what was really important.  Drew had to transfer schools, but his story repeated itself at his new college as well.  At this point, he dropped out without any real plan, since he figured that doing nothing had to be better than wasting his time without focus while at school.

After dropping out, Drew found work as a housekeeper and grocery clerk.  While working these jobs, his cousin commented on how Drew looked bad because he was too skinny, so he got to work watching youtube videos to learn how to work out.  Some more time passed and he moved to Connecticut with his people and got into calisthenics, but then had a falling out with his Dad that left him homeless.  This was the lowest point for Drew, and he attempted to make it the last point through a suicide attempt, but fortunately he failed.

At this time, Drew decided that he wanted to try being a fitness model, but when he applied he realized that all of his competition had sizable social media followings, so that’s when he got into posting fitness content.  Before this, Drew had built up a following around his basketball career, but many of those people stopped following him around this time because of the content switch. Even so, Drew pushed on, posting ab exercises and routines on his instagram.  One day, a TikTok creator reached out to him and told him that he should start posting short form content on there as well, but Drew took a little while to come around to posting on TikTok because of the cringe stigma around the platform at the time.

Once Drew started posting on TikTok, everything blew up.  Uploading an impressive 6 videos a day for a week got him to 10k followers, then 3 videos a day got him to 100k followers, so on and so forth.  He also started uploading YouTube shorts and Instagram reels, growing his following on those platforms as well. Now Drew is sitting on 1.2M TikTok, 507k YouTube, and 270k Instagram, and he’s learned a couple lessons along the way.

First, copying never works.  If you’re just a copy-paste of another existing creator, you’ll just end up being made fun of.  One of the best things you can do is have great audio and video.  Take a look at your competition and at least match other people in your niche. Another is that credibility is key.  Without a certification, Drew had a hard time building credibility at first, but now with his long trail of accurate content, people are able to trust the tips that Drew puts out.  One more is a problem somewhat unique to Drew- since he was a college athlete, everyone assumed that he has amazing genetics and that’s the reason he’s seeing great results.  The fact of the matter is that almost anyone can get great results if they put in the work, but it’s much easier to dismiss people like Drew saying “ah it’s all genetics” than to get in the gym and do the long hours.

Now that we’re moving from 2022 into 2023, Drew has some big things coming on the horizon.  He’s looking at moving to another country for the digital nomad lifestyle, getting into acting, and potentially opening up pop-up gyms that have just what you need to get a good workout in.  If you want to come along with Drew on this journey, you can find him on TikTok @itsdrewmoemeka, YouTube @itsdrewmoemeka, and Instagram @itsdrewmoemeka!