While most creators make content around a certain niche Giselle Izaguirre is the niche, giving us a peek into her life with recipes, outfits, and more. Giselle began making content in 2018 when she and her family moved from New York City to Houston. Finding herself alone in a new city, and entering the beginning of what would be a journey through unexplained secondary infertility, Giselle turned to social media to connect with other women going through similar struggles, and stay in touch with family and friends back home in New York.

Giselle’s biggest superpower as a creator is being able to relate to her fans and cultivating her community. She says the most rewarding part of being a creator is responding to all the messages she receives from her fans that feel like they know her personally even though they’ve never met. Apart from building a community Giselle thinks creators today should be flexible in their content strategy, such as posting static posts and reels instead of just posting reels. She also thinks creators should be wary about hopping on every new tool and trend that platforms roll out, which may not be as important for growth compared to putting out great content.

Giselle has big plans for her future, launching her own website and newsletter this year as she hopes to give her audience more insight into who she is and maintain her authentic brand. Giselle is excited for her potential as a creator and is just at the beginning of her journey as a creator. She hopes to continue partnering with brands and companies that she believes in, and continue building a trusted community around her content. 

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