How much money do you make in your sleep?  For many of us, it’s near zero, but for Travis, it’s almost as much as he makes during the day.  He’s cracked the code of passive income and is helping us learn how to do the same!  

Just a few years ago, Travis was drowning in $50,000 of mixed debt and burnt out from his 9-5. Coming out of college, he didn’t have many of the adult finance skills he needed to succeed.  Travis started to learn about investing and passive income from YouTube, but the problem was that while there was a lot of great content, its ordering isn’t clear and there are often holes in the information you can get from a couple minutes of video. Even so, he started out with a low-risk side hustle or two and scaled his way to financial freedom.  All of these income sources are remote, so Travis also has the personal freedom of being able to travel the country!  He earns money in the following ways:

  1. Creating and Sharing digital Products that help people find their own side hustles (on his stan store)
  2. Coaching people and helping others find their own income streams to start (on his stan store
  3. Freelancing in Marketing and Content creation
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Print on Demand
    Now he's helping 110k+ people learn those methods and avoid the mistakes he’s made along the way!

Travis got started creating content on TikTok back in 2020, which was a time many of us got into the app as well.  Initially, TikTok started as a way for Travis to improve his public speaking skills in front of a camera and document his entrepreneurial journey.  When it comes to documenting his entrepreneurial journey, Travis likes to show both the wins and the mistakes losses so followers can emulate his successes and learn from his personal mistakes. I believe seeing failure is especially useful, since we often learn much more from what went wrong than we do from things that go well.  Now Travis’s content is centered around helping people understand two things: how to increase their income while they’re stuck in a 9-5 job through side hustles and the basics of personal finances for good money management. He provides high-level financial education, not advice.

As mentioned earlier, Travis has diversified across quite a few low-risk income streams that didn’t require any money to start.  He shared some super helpful tips regarding a couple of them, starting with affiliate marketing.  When it comes to driving traffic to an affiliate link through social media, the key is authenticity.  As audiences have kept getting more and more ads pushed in their face, they’ve been getting better and better at tuning out people who are just trying to use their attention to make a quick buck.  The more authentic your content is, the more likely someone will be willing to follow a link to your affiliate product.  Print on demand is another popular one, and Travis recommends doing seasonal shops for these, since demand will naturally be higher.

Travis also sees a major misconception in how people view quitting their full-time jobs, with how media often pushes people to go all in right from the start.  He instead guides his followers through a more calculated approach, so that they only go all-in on passive income when it’s realistic for them to do so.  Even if you have no plans of going all-in on passive income like Travis, it’s still best to have at least one or two additional streams on income since a salary is only stable until it’s not- take the current tech layoffs as a golden example.  When helping people understand what they should be focusing on in coaching sessions, Travis likes to use the ikigai venn diagram (below) to find a balance between what you love, what you’re good at, what you can monetize, and what the world needs.

College can get you a 9-5 job, but not much more than that. Travis aims to help us get the extra education we need to increase our income with passive streams and handle that extra money wisely once we get it. Next he’s looking to focus on building a tightly knit and engaged community.  If you’re also looking to stabilize your financial future and join that community, you can find Travis on YouTube @TravisPassiveIncomeTips, TikTok @passiveincometips, and Instagram @travis.passiveincometips!