With the rise in influencer marketing, Keyonte Frager is bridging the gap between creators and brands in unique and innovative ways.

Before working with Athletes and Creators Frager began his career interning with the LA Clippers, LA kings, and UCLA before ultimately landing with the Washington Wizards. While working for NBA team is a dream for most people in sports, Frager knew he had bigger things ahead.

With the explosion of the creator economy, Frager saw an opportunity to connect companies with athletes and creators. Frager setup his first partnership with an athlete reaching out to Darrell Taylor of the Seattle Seahawks before his rookie year with a list of food spots to try in Seattle. To his surprise Taylor responded, and it led to Frager setting up a deal between Taylor and a local Seattle smoothie shop. With advice from his friend and former NBA All-Star Steve Francis, Frager was able to create his first successful partnership with an Athlete.

Frager and Taylor

While impressive Frager isn't just a brand manager for athletes, one of his favorite projects was a partnership between creator InfamousKayce and Drip Tea Market. The partnership was a match made in heaven, as Kayce was already a boba enthusiast. Frager helped setup a Shoe inspired campaign that featured a green drink that paid homage to Kayce's signature green hair.

Frager is currently making a foray into working with college athletes with the NIL opening the floodgates with partnership opportunities. Frager is most excited about his new partnership between University of Washington volleyball star Emoni bush and Cafe Avole in Seattle. Bush will the first women of color to have an NIL deal like this. A deal that includes a custom drink and her own brand of coffee beans that will go on sale nationally. Frager hopes Bush will help brands see the value in working with female athletes, and he sees women's sports an incredibly undervalued asset, a narrative he is helping change.

As one of the hardest working people I've had a chance to meet, Frager has big plans for the next year. Booking speaking engagements with universities and media appearances, this definitely won't be the last time you hear about Frager. Frager also plans to continue landing partnerships with brands on the back of his recent successes. Frager hopes to become an industry expert on how brands can use UGC from creators and athletes to supercharge their marketing. And with his current track record of innovative campaigns it's only a matter of time before he's just that.

You can find Frager on LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok