From photography to TikTok trends to fashion, Tiffany Charlotte Ratcliffe AKA @twettyfall expresses her authentic self through her art!

Tiffany got her start in the arts when she was young, taking photographs with her friends.  As she grew older, Tiffany fell in love with photography, so those spontaneous pictures became artistic portraits.  She loved photography so much that when college came, Tiffany wanted to study it, but she couldn’t afford the schools in Italy, her home, so she moved to England to study photography in university! In school Tiffany was able to hone her style, and started working right when she graduated. Tiffany quickly found that her favorite job was as a still photographer, working on set with filming crews to help tell the story of the movie or television show in press releases and promotionals.

Tiffany was having a great time, but as was the case for just about everyone in 2020, she had to stop work when COVID hit.  It was during lockdown that she picked up TikTok, since she saw so many other people moving onto the platform Tiffany felt like she might as well try it out.  Her initial page was just fun dance dance trends, just for fun.  After some time, Tiffany wanted to be a little more serious and dark, so she opened up a new page.  This new page was centered around dark transitions and she said things like “Welcome to Deep TikTok.”  While she was more serious about her new page, Tiffany felt like it didn’t really reflect her as a person.

Around this time Tiffany got some inspiration from her fiance, Mks Vision, who does the masked videos with lots of beautiful transitions and effects, like this one.  She followed his lead and essentially became the female version of his page.  This gained Tiffany quite a few followers, but this past year she decided that she wanted to move away from that niche and go into something that she can call her own.  This included getting a 360 camera and working with that (which turns out to be really difficult), and eventually landed her in the fashion niche.  

In the past, Tiffany was focusing purely on virality and gaining followers, but now she has flipped her view and is instead focusing on making content that she truly loves.  This plays heavily into burnout, since while she was making viral content that she didn’t really enjoy, Tiffany felt like she lost her creativity and fell into a rut, where she could only make one type of content.  Trying to please the algorithm also leads to content feeling awfully repetitive, and doing the same repetitive thing that you don’t really enjoy every day is an easy way to get burnt out.  

Tiffany does have some tips for how to recover from burnout, though.  First is to make a commitment to only make content you actually enjoy.  Second is to find inspiration from outside.  This can be watching other creators, advertisements, or TV shows, but for Tiffany, it’s music.  Music has always been an integral part of Tiffany’s creative process. When she hears a song, ideas pop into her head about what type of content she could create around it.  The ideas she gets often don’t even end up being used with the specific song she’s listening to, so music really is like a super brainstorming tool for her.

Recently, she had the opportunity to work with TikTok at the Tate Modern Museum in London, where they had a film crew follow her around so she went from being a creator to being an actor.  She loved that experience and is planning to do more work like that for TikTok in the future.  She has also been doing speaking engagements in Madrid and Italy where she helped brands understand creators.  It feels like everyone talks about the individual brand and creator sides of the brand deal relationship, but there isn’t much conversation about what happens between them.

2022 was a big year for Tiffany, with her going from little to no brand deals in the first half of the year to working with household names like Prime Video and Nordvpn! Now that we’re at the start of 2023, she has even more in store. First up, Tiffany wants to get to the point where she truly deeply loves the content she makes, which is something she’s been working toward for quite some time. Another is to partake in more interviews and public speaking engagements, like what she’s done in Italy and Madrid. She feels like she has a lot of things to say about the creator-brand relationship, so all she needs are platforms upon which she can say it. If you want to join Tiffany on this journey, you can find her on TikTok @twettyfall, Instagram @twettyfall, and YouTube @tweetyfall!