Wendy uses her love for food and her kitchen, which she so lovingly calls her happy place, to share her best recipes with you!

For Wendy, cooking started long before content did - back when she fell in love with baking in her teens. Wendy went on to complete her Bachelors of Commerce and then worked  in the banking industry for 15 years. After her second child was born, Wendy transitioned to being a stay at home mom so that she could provide her children with the best upbringing possible. Wendy couldn’t stay away from baking for long as being at home gave her the inspiration to try out new recipes. Having a very strong entrepreneurial streak in her, Wendy started up her own business called Truffles & More where she made amazing cakes, a variety of desserts and brownies.

While her business was growing rapidly, Wendy had to call it a day when she and her family moved to Toronto, Canada in pursuit of a brighter future for the children. This move across the globe into an entirely new culture did not take Wendy much time to get used to, and she never stopped cooking and baking.  Fast forward some years and both her children were all grown up and in university. When COVID hit, universities closed and her children, now young adults, were back home with online classes being the new norm.

Content came into Wendy’s life in an unusual way during lockdown. Both of her children    had a natural talent in video recording and editing, so they urged Wendy to start sharing her recipes online through YouTube. Wendy still remembers the awkwardness of that first video, but as she kept uploading, she got more comfortable on camera. Over time, Wendy also started deploying the strategy of using Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok as funnels for her YouTube by editing longform videos into short clips that could be shared on multiple platforms.

Things got serious for Wendy once her content started to gain viral traction.  Last year, she had two videos blow up: a 1.9M viewed Tuna Cakes recipe on YouTube and 2.7M viewed Shrimp Scampi recipe on Tiktok. These two successes were massively encouraging for Wendy. In combination with her amazing community and brand deals, Wendy started to view content creation as more than just a hobby. Her growing audience and community encouraged Wendy to focus on content creation and sharing her recipes with the world.

Wendy’s core motivation for all of this amazing growth is a love of sharing her recipes with others in a manner that is easy to understand. To make sure her recipes are easy to follow, Wendy always tries the steps of each recipe she shares to make sure that everything is as clear as possible, and all that work is massively paying off through her growing community. Wendy also invests in her community through direct engagement - she spends plenty of time trying her best to answer every comment and message on all platforms.  

Trying to balance home, recording videos, testing recipes, brand deals, replying to comments, and more, may sound like a recipe for burnout for most of us, so I had to ask - how does Wendy keep going when she inevitably burns out? Well, the trick is pretty simple: passion!  Wendy said her daughter thinks she’s crazy, since she’s always in the kitchen or working to perfect her recipes!

Wendy recently surpassed the 100K subscribers milestone on YouTube with over 9.5 million views. Going forward, Wendy plans to grow a global subscriber base with her eye on U.S. and Canada as she shares her cultural food around the world.  Wendy is also focusing more on short form content as it's a great way to engage new people to see her content and join the Platin’ It With Wendy Community!  Wendy has set her next target to soon reach 1M subscribers on YouTube, so if  you have not subscribed already and you want to help Wendy reach her next target, press SUBSCRIBE and become part of Platin’it With Wendy’s family and join her on this amazing journey.  You can find her on YouTube @PlatinItWithWendy, TikTok @PlatinItWithWendy, Instagram @PlatinItWithWendy, and Pinterest.